Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OMG!! Ok so I have been away for a while. Lots of stuff going on at Anyway this weekend is gonna rule. I am going to Eastern Washington University for a Halloween Wizard Rock Concert, featuring the Whomping Willows and Justin Finch Fletchley and the Sugar Quills. So if you are in the area should be like 1-5 dollars for entry.

Now the real reason I want to talk to everyone on the internets, PLEASE FIND ME THE NEW WOLFMOTHER ALBUM. OMG, I love this band and it's a moral imperitive.

Anyway, Gumpy over on the cave has been having Hardcore fun. In there are a few things for me, like Band of Skulls and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Will be back soon, gotta update on some new board games.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Friends, Romans, country men lend me your ears!

Anyway I would like to welcome you to my blog, Oji's (That's me) Geek-o-System. I plan on having some info on music/tv/movies/video games/board games, yada yada yada. Mostly anything that I think is truly relevant (to my interests and therefor yours), ima talk about.

If you are looking for music heavy blogs, this in not your place. I will talk about it occasionally, but my friends run some music blogs. I have to plug some of my best friends Gumpy, at, and her BF at,

ANYHOW...what should I talk about first. OH!!

So I saw a commercial for Glee, which airs on FOX, and found myself intrigued. Going about the usual methods, I have watched the first 3 episodes now. OH MAN was it exactly what I was looking for. Glee is a "musical dramedy." It centers around a glee club in a Midwestern high school. The humor in the show is reminiscent of Arrested Development, very quick jabs at humor, totally ridiculous situations, all of which are punctuated by musical numbers and GREAT background music. The characters are perfect extremes, just this side of unbelievable. Jane Lynch (appeared in Arrested Development, Role Models, Christopher Guest mockumentaries) plays the cheer coach and is the show's "villain". So yeah, turns out its awesome. Watch it.